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Recent Masters Theses




Imtiaz Ahmed,
Spring 2007
"The Market Return to Pharmaceutical Product Approval" link (Ward, Depken, Koc)
Darshak Patel,
Spring 2007
"Creative Destruction in the Pharmaceutical Industry" link (Ward, Depken, Koc)
Lisa Haglund,
Spring 2007
"Shirking in Relay Teams" link (Depken, LaFountain, Ward)
Mishuk Chowdhury,
Fall 2006
"School Responses to High Stakes Testing" link (Grant, Depken, LaFountain)
Naushaba Zaman,
Fall 2006
"Evidence of Competition between Law Schools" link (Ward, Depken, Koc)
Arun Narayanasamy,
Spring 2006

"Cross-Country Network Effects in ICT Adoption" link (Ward, Depken, Crowder)
Eric Kamoto,
Spring 2006 
"The J-Curve Effect on the Trade Balance in Malawi and South Africa" link (Crowder, Ward, Depken)
Richard Carroll,
Fall 2005
"Collegiate Enrollment Trends of Displaced Workers" link (Ward, Depken, Crowder)
Wairimu Mugo,
Fall 2005
"Do Aid Donors Reward Institutional Reforms? A Panel Study on Aid-Receiving Countries" link (Ward, Depken, Crowder)
Jennifer Ashcraft,
Summer 2005
"The Introduction of the Reserve Clause and its Impact on Baseball Salaries During the 1880s: A Panel Estimation" link (Depken, Wilson, LaFountain)